Henri Matisse and The Healing Power of Art

Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse (1869–1954) is known as one of the leading figures of modern art. He is also proof that art heals and that age has no limitations. After his colostomy he had to succumb to the use of a wheelchair. Although he lost the physical strength to paint and sculpt as he once had, this did not deter Matisse from discovering renewed creative energies and he began his “cut-out” works of art.

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Artists as Altruists

There are many talented artists from around the world who speak out as advocates for individuals with special needs; volunteer to teach art as an instrument for healing; serve as catalysts for social transformation; launch programs to help humanity; and donate their art, time and sometimes their entire careers, to worthy causes.

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Discover A Spiritual Oasis at The Rubin Museum in NYC

A welcome retreat away from the bustling NYC streets is The Rubin Museum of Art, the premier museum in the West for Himalayan art and the surrounding regions. This spacious 70,000-square-foot museum that opened in 2004 at 150 West 17 Street, in New York, NY, is a treasure trove of ancient spiritual art and history.

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The Spiritual Resonance of Native American Art

An abundance of spiritual resonance and healing power are inherent in the Plains Indians aesthetics. The beauty of the culture and its art forms have held our fascination through the years and have been the source of inspiration for many works of art created by contemporary artists.

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Frida Kahlo Created Art that Transcended Her Suffering

An artist who epitomizes the artist’s triumphant spirit to overcome challenges through creativity is Frida Kahlo, one of the most respected women artists. She created art that has been praised for its originality, its surreal, dreamlike, and fantastical quality.

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Education in the arts is not just for those who want to pursue careers in the fields. It should be taught as a life skill to children and continue to serve as a resource for adults, so that when we face challenges, we can turn to ourselves, rather than pharmaceutical drugs or self-destructive outlets.

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