If we are good at knitting or crocheting, with a more or less similar technique, we can also make elegant men’s bracelets, using leather thread , and some simple tools .



For an impeccable

And original look, the accessories are absolutely essential. They give a touch of unique style, giving personality to our wardrobe. Moreover, those who have the passion of DIY can even create their own accessories . A pastime that can become a real art. The most creative and imaginative are able to create small, unique and inimitable masterpieces.


The essential first step 

After the purchase of the material we have to define our project. What kind of bracelet do we want? We can freely choose how many studs to apply and how. We draw a draft on paper of our bracelet, marking the points where we will insert the studs. If the basic project satisfies us, let’s start working on the skin. Replicating the design on the bracelet, we trace the position of the holes with a pencil or a pen. We then incise the skin with sharp scissors. We do not practice too big holes. Let’s limit ourselves to small cracks that let the studs pass through.

Then insert the studs inside each slot. We widen the tabs, flattening them against the inside of the bracelet. To close the bracelet we make holes on both ends of the skin. Overlap the two holes and pass through a last stud. We widen the tabs and close the bracelet. We can repeat the work to make many bracelets, which we can use as we like. We can also make pretty little gifts for our friends and our loved ones.


Now you use a candle or a lighter. Each end of the previously cut strings should be placed on the flame. They are lightly burned to prevent the rope fraying. Now you have to assemble the bracelet with rope and pon pon. You have to take the 2 light 4 cm ropes and burn the ends again; then, you have to match the burnt points. As if by magic they solidify permanently. Then you have to insert 2 metal bands in the central part of the bracelet and pass the darker string inside them. The clamps must be tightened with flat-tipped tweezers; if you want to hide the bracelet joints just hook another 2 metal rings.


Now you have to sew the ribbon with pon pon; this decoration goes on the edge of the front rope. The tape must be passed inside the metal clamps and the excess tape is cut. Then the ends of the tape are knotted to prevent it from fraying. You can hook other small decorations along the perimeter of the bracelet to make it more original. Once this has been done, the closure must be carried out. The hook must be applied to one end of the rope and the ring corresponding to the other. At this point the rope and pon pon bracelet is ready to be used.

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